Mayorology 2016: Let the Elbowing Begin

The election to succeed Mayor Dwight C. Jones is a year from now. Is it too soon to start speculating on who might replace him? Of course not.



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I know that this mayoral election is naturally going to be overshadowed by the Presidential election, but it's a little silly to me how little coverage local news outlets have been dedicating to this momentous event. Richmond is a powderkeg of potential but City Hall is a wet fuse. The next mayor has to undo 8 years of neglect by Dwight Jones, repair ties with City Council, and prove to Richmond's 100,000+ voters that they deserve the city's trust. I know not many candidates have officially announced but the issues that the next mayor will have to deal with are already present. We should be enumerating these problems and encouraging interested public officials to propose their solutions. This election should be about ratifying ideas and plans, not choosing the most inoffensive personality. Kudos to Richmond Magazine for this article, but I'd love for it to be a recurring feature, focusing on the different challenges facing Richmond and what the next mayor can do about them.

Jimmie Lee Jarvis more than 5 years ago

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