East End

A sneak peek at the forthcoming East End grocery store Read more

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Michelle Parrish of Soul n’ Vinegar aims to offer accessible food options for neighbors in the East End. Read more

Food News & Trends

The forthcoming “Kitchens at Reynolds” culinary school creates opportunity for students and East End residents. Read more

Sunday Story

The Market at 25th and VCU Health Hub provide access to health care and grocery shopping in the East End. Read more


A partnership with Richmond’s East End schools works to counter the effects of trauma. Read more


At a town hall held by Rep. Donald McEachin, East End residents tell about missing letters, stolen checks and misdirected correspondence. Read more


New owners are taking over the Farm Fresh at 2320 E. Main St. Read more

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A new East End eatery, local perspectives on politics and dining, a year of the Craft Brewer Seal, and those weekend food events you're craving. Read more

Food News & Trends

An East End food shop offers healthy, affordable options for neighborhood residents. Read more

Food News & Trends

Residents remain cautious as construction starts on a development to replace Creighton Court. Read more


The Sarah Garland Jones Center takes a new approach to community health. Read more


Mayor Dwight C. Jones, leaders from the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority and alumni of the old Armstrong High School gathered on Monday afternoon to mark the beginning of the long-awaited East End redevelopment project. Read more


Richmond has missed out on a federal grant that would have jump-started an ambitious plan to overhaul the Creighton Court public housing complex in the city’s East End. Read more

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For decades the city steered its poorest African-American residents to dense housing projects. Now, it’s launching a massive plan to repair the damage inflicted upon families in a community where good intentions aren’t enough. Read more

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A brief history of public housing in Richmond Read more


It may not be closing, but changes are coming at Armstrong High School at the start of next school year. Read more


Rick Tatnall ended his Richmond mayoral bid Friday. Instead, the longtime East End community activist will seek to fill the open 7th district seat on the Richmond School Board. Read more


Church Hill's new restaurant serves up a communal atmosphere in the former East End Theater space Read more

Food News & Trends

The proposed closures would save $3 million for the division, which is working to close an $18 million funding shortfall in the wake of Mayor Dwight C. Jones’ proposed budget. Read more


The election to succeed Mayor Dwight C. Jones is a year from now. Is it too soon to start speculating on who might replace him? Of course not. Read more

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