Richmond Public Schools

Administrators on Monday briefed the Richmond School Board on their plan to review student records and make corrections. more


A day in the life of two principals whose job is to protect and propel at the same time more


Some of the first African-American students to integrate Richmond schools reflect on the meaning of the desegregation movement. more

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Teachers welcome a Richmond School Board resolution affirming free speech for school staff, saying more protection is needed. more


The Richmond Symphony's music festival and benefit comes to North Side Sept. 8. more


Our future as a city depends on supporting diverse learning environments. more

, Education

How a different kind of school came together in Richmond 40 years ago more

Sunday Story 1 Comments

Facing parents, teachers and community members, RPS administrators describe a pattern of deception at Carver Elementary and outline their next steps. more


Richmond Public Schools Superintendent Jason Kamras will address SOL cheating during a meeting at the elementary school investigated by the Virginia Department of Education. more


North Side residents talk about the changing nature of the historic Brookland Park area. more


Better Housing Coalition calls for volunteers to purchase school supplies and gender-neutral backpacks for students from low-income backgrounds. more

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Ram Bhagat comes out of retirement to help steer RPS’ new task force in "restorative justice." more


The Richmond School Board trades Confederate general's name for that of the nation's first African-American president. more


Richmond Public Schools explores a new systemwide approach to discipline. more

Henrico’s meals tax has funded nearly $58 million in school projects since 2013. more


Richmond Public Schools' superintendent acknowledges an issue with GPA calculation for students in dual-enrollment and International Baccalaureate courses. more

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"We march because we don't want to look around at each other and wonder which friends we might have to say goodbye to," writes a Richmond high school junior. more


State legislators solicit parents’ and teachers’ views on SOLs, school funding and other concerns. more


After a public hearing, last-ditch efforts to delay the vote and a change of heart by two representatives, the measure passed 7-2. more


Some Richmond City Council, School Board members express reservations during a joint meeting. more


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