The Unmasking


Race is a central root of Richmond’s history, entwining everything from our art to infrastructure, education to economics. Now more than ever, it’s time to talk about it, frankly. Let’s take off our masks, get real and move our city forward.


#UnmaskingRVA Community Mask Art Project

Most of us wear a mask when talking about race – we don’t want to offend, we do want to be polite. But masks are made to be donned and removed; if we reveal our true selves, we’ll begin to heal our community. We invite you to participate in the #UnmaskingRVA community mask art project, led by Noah Scalin, innovator, activist and VCU School of Business artist-in-residence. 

Download your mask here to participate

12.07.2016, 6 PM DINNER AND A FILM
We’ll meet each other and examine the role race plays in our everyday lives. Film presented by Afrikana Independent Film Festival and James Parrish, co-founder of Bijou Film Center. Hosted by Kelli Lemon.

Part I recap


Panel sessions led by historians, educators and community leaders sharing historical perspectives on race in Richmond, and why it’s still a divisive issue today. Moderated by NBC12 anchor Karla Redditte. 

Part II recap


02.09.2017, 6:30 PM LEARNING IN ACTION
A workshop helps us identify and overcome Richmond’s generational racial trauma, plus a seminar on how to foster a more inclusive mindset, giving practical tools to become progressive change agents. Presented by Civitas Health Services and Yewande Austin of the Global Institute for Diversity and Change.

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Part III recap


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