Giving Back

Richmond native Jesse Vaughan built a successful career as a director in California. Now he’s using his passion to tell Virginia’s stories.



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Mother's Comments

Glad to hear his mother is still doing well. I had the pleasure of meeting her some years ago. She did a wonderful job raising her son and two daughters. I wish the family a Merry Christmas!!!

Nikki E more than 6 years ago

How you live

Jesse mentioned at the end that it's important how you carry yourself and how we live our lives. Last Christmas Eve I was shopping with my wife and saw Jesse in a retail store in Stony Point. On Christmas Eve, he saw it fit to treat a female employee so awful it brought her to tears. It is indeed important how you carry yourself. If not for yourself and others, act right do you don't get called out for inappropriate behavior.

Sean King more than 6 years ago

Stupid Comment

Sean King before you go publicly trashing a good man you should know that they overcharged his credit card by $125.00 and he had to fight to get a reverse charge. I know because I do his accounting. This is the problem with the internet. Haters like you trash people without knowing the truth. You should mind your own business!

Eddie more than 3 years ago

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