The Problem of Richmond: Part the Fourth

The 2004 charter change bequeathed Wilder, Jones and...



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Moving to Richmond

I really appreciate these articles. Me and my wife have just recently decided to relocate to Richmond from NYC - I am a graphic designer and she is a social worker. While we are excited about the prospects of the city, I do find myself nervous about the local politics and the ability for the city to hit it's stride and really start flourishing. It seems there is so much great potential there, but then I discover more things that are downers, like its current political/financial state. I guess I just wonder what actual Richmonders think; should we/people move there? Do locals think it will keep growing in a good way and keep expanding its art and cultural elements? Before moving to NYC I lived in Austin for almost 10 years, and Richmond reminds me of Austin a little bit, before it really boomed. I am hopeful and see the potential for Richmond to become the' Austin of the east coast'. I just hope it does, and wonder what the locals think. Looking forward to the rest, cheers.

Ryan more than 4 years ago

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