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A new exhibition at the Black History Museum examines slavery at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Read more


How the 1989 Virginia governor’s race made national history Read more


Jamie Bosket, president and CEO of the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, is bringing the past into the future. Read more


Richmond novelist Karen A. Chase places readers in 1776, on horseback, with a satchel containing the Declaration of Independence. Read more


George Wythe helped Thomas Jefferson lead the fight for religious liberty. Read more


Virginia launches American Evolution, commemorating pivotal events in 1619 that shaped the nation. Read more


We sat down with Joe Haynes, the author of “Virginia Barbecue,” for a history lesson on barbecue’s deep roots in Virginia. Read more


Pamela Northam seeks to teach the story of the Executive Mansion’s enslaved occupants. Read more


A Memorial Day program at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture spotlights Woodrow Wilson's 1919 limousine as part of a yearlong World War I remembrance. Read more


The fifth U.S. president is making news again, thanks to a surprising archaeological discovery and a new collection of his letters and papers. Read more


Add these volumes, written by local and regional authors, to your holiday gift list. Read more


In libraries, attics and basements across the commonwealth, report cards, high school newspapers, yearbooks and other material from Virginia’s desegregation era lie forgotten. The DOVE project wants them. Read more


The 2004 charter change bequeathed Wilder, Jones and... Read more

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In Central Virginia, many adventures in history are just down the road Read more


This writer received an invitation from Preservation Virginia to Bacon's Castle for presentation to the public, perhaps for the first time, the written declaration of love of Dr. Robert Emmet Robinson for his wife, Indiana Allen Henley Robinson. Read more


The Richmond-filmed PBS series "Mercy Street" strives for accuracy in its portrayal of medicine as practiced in the Civil War era. Read more


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Speakers at a Thursday afternoon press conference, organized by the Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality, touted an alternative proposal to memorialize Shockoe Bottom’s slave-trading history that expands beyond the Lumpkin’s Jail site. Read more


Emancipation was not a magic wand. Enormous resistance greeted the incorporation of African-Americans into the national structure — in particular, its educational system. A new exhibit at the Library of Virginia explores this period in history. Read more


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