A Big Idea for Downtown

We've been here before; the last time, we got the Coliseum



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While Bourbon Street wasn't planned in an office there are examples of successful downtown revitalization components around the country that were planned in an office. Sixth Street Marketplace is a failure editorials like to point to. But that was conceived and built in the 1980s when urban living was not favored by many people in the middle and top of the income spectrum. Urban living today is in demand. Rather than harp on the ancient history of that failed venture I suggest people look to peer cities like Milwaukee and Columbus which have created vibrant public markets from nothing. (See: Milwaukee Public Market and North Market in Columbus)

Do I wonder sometimes if our current city has the leadership to emulate the success stories in other cities? Of course. The Redskins and Stone Brewing ventures were fiascos and I have no idea why it has taken so long to build bus stops for BRT. Those are valid concerns. But a failure from 1985 does not deserve to carry the weight some of you constantly ascribe to it.

Paul Sieczkowski more than 3 years ago

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