‘The Real Story of Our Monuments’

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney announces a commission tasked with correcting what he terms a false narrative



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Content accuracy.....

I'm curious about the content validity of a quote apparently attributed to "Lauranett Lee", i.e.: <snip> “When the monuments were erected between 1890 and 1929, it was the nadir for black people, it was the lowest point,” she said. “That's when people were being lynched on a daily basis. ... <snip> According to an article by the "News Leader" (Staunton, VA), dated May 16, 2016, Virginia had approximately 91 "lynchings" from 1880 to 1926 (less than 2/year), of which about 19% were "whites" [based upon the source data published elsewhere]. The article further states the number of lynchings across the 'South', data attributed to the "Equal Justice Initiative", over the period from 1877 to 1950 (73 years) was 4,075. That calculates to about 56/year or about 1/week. While 1) I cannot verify the accuracy of these numbers (but someone took the time to research them); 2) bracketing a different time period could skew the numbers; 3) these numbers are meaningless if one happens to be the victim, and 4) it represents a shameful time in the Country's history, ...these numbers do not correlate with people "being lynched on a daily basis". Facts, not repeated rhetoric, do matter.

R.S.M. more than 4 years ago

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