Growing Concerns

A Scott's Addition discussion focuses on the need for open space, vegetation and improved pedestrian access



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Sidewalks and Lighting

Parking isn't the only thing in short supply in Scott's Addition, there have been nearly NO new sidewalks or street lighting installed. Companies and people have invested millions of dollars and their establishments have no sidewalks or street lights even though they are paying big money in real estate, sales, and meals taxes. Great example.... ZZQ spent a ton of money opening their spot, have literally hundreds of people visit a day, and nothing but broken bottles, bricks, and dirt for a sidewalk. Would love to take Mom down again, but she can barely walk on the sidewalk it is so screwed up. City of Richmond, spend some money in areas that are buttering your bread!!

Derek 351 days ago

Derek, get in line

So Derek, developers jump on the latest hot spot, and the City is supposed to suddenly pony up to build more infrastructure to play catch up in an industrial area that exploded in a few years, while existing infrastructure isn't budgeted for maintenance or upgrades have been waiting for years to be funded? All those communities are supposed to wait even longer because they aren't the flavor of the month? I'm so tired of the notion that the City needs to be rushing to improve conditions when developers cash in on opportunities. It is akin to developers in the counties cashing and and turning over the liabilities to the counties to maintain, and deal with the additional traffic, as if it is somehow a benefit to the locality.

Charlie J. 351 days ago

Temp increases?

When and where were these double-digit temperature increases taken, and by whom? Scott's addition (including "greater Scott's Addition") has been largely impervious for decades since it has long been primarily a light industrial area. Much of the development has been adaptive reuse, and even new development was largely redevelopment of already developed parcels. Double digit temperature increases would be highly unlikely as a result.

Charlie J. 351 days ago

Incorrect Date

Monday is July 29th and not the 28th. Is pre-registration required

Freda Bolling 352 days ago

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