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East End revitalization project proposal misses out on federal grant



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Your Past Does Not Dictate Your Future

I was raised in CC and my family was fatherless and poor. I contribute my past in CC a blessings in disguise. I learn that not all people are bad in the projects and ignorant and uneducated. I left the projects join the military and I maintain a Bachelor's Degree in Business. I remember being poor was a lifestyle in CC, but we did not see each other as poor, but we saw each other a normal people. I learn to survive and not become a criminal to survive. I learn that you can have a better lifestyle and life a good life. Lifestyle is a choice that has many opportunities if you want to do better and have good success. I learn to work with people at an early age because we all were living in the same neighborhood and share the same space. Back in the days people in the projects share something in common "family". We were one big family and we look out for each other. We may not have been living in the best homes or had the best food to eat. We learn to make sacrifices and that is what life is about making sacrifices for self and family. I am not sure about too many things about the projects in these days, but one thing I do know is not all people in the project are bad or ignorant. They are judge base on where they come from. I know my past which was that great did not stop me from succeeding in life. I wanted better and I took advantage of the opportunities provided to me through hard work and determination.

Lorraine Hudson more than 3 years ago

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