Field Notes: Berry Concedes

Jack Berry concedes Richmond mayoral race to Levar Stoney



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Hope so, but very different

Venture Richmond, unfortunately, became the Jim Ukrop alt gov. Avoiding citizens, trickery, lying, bad financial deals ... along with good music and beer events. It's just too much, slipping and sliding around historic and heritage sites, and waaaaaay too much money. I would go in a different direction here, and the best thing about LS is that he's not tied to the past, which is why I voted for him. We need New Richmond, get the City Hall stuff sorted, and move on. The fossils belong in museums.

Rich T more than 3 years ago

Hope Jack stays involved.

While it didn't work out for Jack, I do think he loves this city and I hope he will continue to be involved with making it better either as part of city government, a separate organization or individually. Jack has a lot of valuable experience that could certainly be leveraged to help our city government and RVA in general.

Mike more than 3 years ago

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