Election Day

City and county residents head to the polls to cast their votes in several key local and state races. Read more

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Besides winning statewide offices, the party gains seats in the House of Delegates. Read more

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Here's what a few Richmond-area residents had to say at the polls today. Read more

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Your guide to what's good for the week ahead Read more

Your guide to what's good for the week ahead Read more

Former Venture Richmond executive Jack Berry on Wednesday evening conceded the Richmond mayoral election to Levar Stoney in a statement from his campaign. Read more

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Richmond’s two top mayoral candidates are in a holding pattern Wednesday morning after an election night that did not render an official outcome and little went as expected. Read more


Several voters at two precincts in the battleground 5th district said Morrissey's personal troubles and bad publicity — recent or otherwise — didn’t lead them to reconsider their decision to support him. Read more


After a whirlwind day at the polls, the three leading candidates in the Richmond mayoral race will gather with supporters and celebrate as they await election returns. Read more


Richmond mayoral hopeful Jack Berry says he’s confident the mayoral race will be settled today. Voters at a 2nd District precinct were split between Berry and Stoney. Read more


Richmond mayoral hopeful Levar Stoney stood in line for an hour at the Richmond Public Library’s main branch to cast his ballot on Tuesday morning. Read more


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