Two Is Better Than One

A couple combines two Church Hill condos to create a space greater than the sum of its parts | Photos by Ansel Olson | Styling by Melissa Molitor



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love it!

think what you've done is inspiring! doesn't even look like Richmond

elizabeth davis 355 days ago

Wow, one 2 story condo wasn't enough??

I am so sick of these D-bag people wanting more space and a weekend getaway! Think about all the people who would love one tiny home, let alone two. You are what is wrong with this country.

Jack Ofalltrades more than 1 year ago

You're not "impressed"?

I agree Jack. Why these pieces fawning over the grotesque excess of others?

Carol Myers more than 1 year ago


Yes, Carol! All of these pieces just show people who live to excess. There are so many more worthy stories around Richmond!

Jack Ofalltrades more than 1 year ago

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