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Randolph-Macon College launches an eSports program, with education grants available for video game players. more


Virtual reality comes to Uptown Alley with a new game. more


Georgia-based rock band Bit Brigade performs “The Legend of Zelda” at Gallery5 on April 11. more


We like to play in Richmond. League games, table games, arcade games, games with balls, games we can't pronounce. This is how we play. more

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Video Games Live returns to Richmond after a six-year hiatus. Saturday's all-new show features classic and modern video game scores performed by the Richmond Symphony. more


RVA Game Jams and VCU serve as local hosts for an international video game design competition, also featuring a keynote talk by New York Times game critic Chris Suellentrop. Organizers hope to inspire more interest in this modern artistic form. more


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