Thomas Jefferson

The Heritage Harvest Festival returns to Monticello with James Beard Award-winning chefs, authors and historians. Read more

Food News & Trends

Richmond novelist Karen A. Chase places readers in 1776, on horseback, with a satchel containing the Declaration of Independence. Read more


George Wythe helped Thomas Jefferson lead the fight for religious liberty. Read more


A new exhibition at Thomas Jefferson's mountaintop estate gives an intimate look at the life of Sally Hemings. Read more

Sunday Story

The author's latest play explores the trial of Aaron Burr and the act of treason. Read more

Stage & Screen

A new documentary examines the dynamic between the nation's founders who espoused liberty but kept slaves. Read more

Stage & Screen

View a collection of Thomas Jefferson's papers and other artifacts at the Virginia Historical Society through January. Read more


The all-star cast of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton squared off for the election of 1800 that many thought would ultimately destroy the country. Read more


Today, 241 years ago, a backwoods country lawyer of some promise stood up in a Church Hill sanctuary to give an oration that rang the rafters and reverberates down to us right this very second. Read more


On John Marshall's 260th birthday, we reflect on the life and legacy of Richmond's forgotten star who changed the course of American history Read more



Council for America's First Freedom

The new First Freedom Center, planned to commemorate the Jan. 16, 1786, ratification of the Statute of Religious Freedom, opens on Friday. It will become part of The Valentine. Read more


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