Theresa Walker’s legacy of quiet activism represents the critical role women played in the civil rights movement. Read more

History 1 Comments

Some of the first African-American students to integrate Richmond schools reflect on the meaning of the desegregation movement. Read more

Sunday Story

Can we cast aside the old narrative of white supremacy and tell a more inclusive version? Read more


The Petersburg City Council has repealed a 60-year-old action that had closed Wilcox Lake to swimming to prevent integration. Read more


Richmond Crusade for Voters co-founder William Ferguson Reid helped pave the way for African-Americans in Virginia politics. Read more

Sunday Story

As restoration plans proceed, longtime volunteers seek assurance on their role in Richmond’s historic African-American cemeteries. Read more


In libraries, attics and basements across the commonwealth, report cards, high school newspapers, yearbooks and other material from Virginia’s desegregation era lie forgotten. The DOVE project wants them. Read more


Scholar, activist, author to kick off VCU speaker series Read more


Emancipation was not a magic wand. Enormous resistance greeted the incorporation of African-Americans into the national structure — in particular, its educational system. A new exhibit at the Library of Virginia explores this period in history. Read more


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