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The author of a Pulitzer Prize-winning book on mass incarceration urges involvement on the local level to confront the issue. Read more


Measures from Virginia’s 2019 legislative session that caught our eye Read more


Marcus-David Peters’ death points to a need for better handling of mental health crises. Read more


The Richmond Police Department announced a two-year timeline to complete training for officers. Read more


As he prepares for a new role with Dominion Energy, Richmond FBI leader Adam Lee reflects on his career with the bureau. Read more


Family of unarmed man shot by police near Interstate 95 fault officer's response, challenge commonwealth's attorney's conclusions. Read more


In the Richmond region, people who are unable to make voice calls can report an emergency via text message. Read more


Citing a need for transparency, Richmond police chief releases the officer's body camera footage, while the family of the naked shooting victim calls for justice. Read more


A simulation program allows civilians to see how they would respond to a tense situation that a police officer might face. Read more

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During encounters with police, one wrong move can be life-altering for a civilian. And as high-profile shootings test public confidence in law enforcement, officers face the possibility that any routine stop could turn violent. Read more


Florida native Jeffrey Katz stresses community engagement and public service, saying he believes that authority should be "exercised in a way that reflects the best of who we are as people." Read more


Alfred Durham has gone above and beyond the role of police chief, playing, at various times, mentor, father figure and community activist to the city’s neediest neighborhoods. Read more

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County Administrator Joe Casey notes full accreditation of all Chesterfield public schools, public safety advances and road improvement plans. Read more


Florida native Jeffrey S. Katz will lead the Chesterfield County Police Department starting Jan. 2. Read more


In the era of #BlackLivesMatter, Richmond’s Police Department and its Young Adult Police Commission seek mutual understanding. Read more

Sunday Story

The president of the Richmond Coalition of Police says that he'd be making $12,000 more per year if the city had not frozen police department raises and discontinued its career advancement program for lack of funding. Read more


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