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Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market has remained a neighborhood organic food source for 30 years. Read more

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A sneak peek at the forthcoming East End grocery store Read more

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Richmonders await the city's first Whole Foods Market opening. Read more


The Market at 25th and VCU Health Hub provide access to health care and grocery shopping in the East End. Read more


Unwrapping the cheese selections at Richmond-area supermarkets Read more


New owners are taking over the Farm Fresh at 2320 E. Main St. Read more

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An East End food shop offers healthy, affordable options for neighborhood residents. Read more

Food News & Trends

From mini-marts to full-on groceries, these shops sandwich dry goods alongside bistros. Read more


Richmond Food Co-op opens this fall on the city’s South Side. Read more


This week we're all about oysters, new restaurants, new supermarkets, booze delivered to your door and so much more. Plus, we've got so many great ways to eat, drink and give back to the community all at once. Nothing not to love. Read more

Food News & Trends

The supermarket scene as we knew it is crumbling under attacks by new stores entering the market. Here is your guide to the past, present and future of Richmond’s ever-changing market landscape. Read more


A new Church Hill development could bring a full-service grocery to one of Richmond’s food deserts. Read more

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New store in the Sauer Center will incorporate a historic facade. Read more

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A playful take on some of the absurd happenings around Richmond in 2016 Read more

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And a fond farewell to one of Richmond’s first Asian grocery stores Read more

Food News & Trends

Having trouble keeping track of the grocery-store shuffle? We can help. Read more


Spring brings Wegmans, a new cupcake bakery and a massive used books and music store Read more


Outpost Richmond brings bikes and groceries to Westover Hills. Read more

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching, but so are new restaurants, more beer, some great events, plates and plates of pasta and so much more. Read more

Food News & Trends

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