Election 2017: The Race for Governor

Millennials turned out to vote in the 2017 Virginia governor's race. And on Saturday, many of the volunteers strutting back and forth between the crowds, lines and various tents fell into that category. more


Besides winning statewide offices, the party gains seats in the House of Delegates. more

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In his first set of public appearances since leaving office, former President Barack Obama urged Virginians to support Democrat Ralph Northam for governor, saying, "Ralph's whole life has been about honest, responsible service to others." more


How Virginians feel about the president could affect the outcome of the governor's race. more


An immigrant's son, Ed Gillespie worked his way from parking lot attendant to White House counsel. more


Libertarian Cliff Hyra hopes to attract disaffected Democrats and Republicans. more


A late political bloomer, Ralph Northam sought office out of frustration with the state legislature. more


Richmond-area college students could sway this year's gubernatorial election — if they make it to the polls. more


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