Barack Obama

The author of the Obama/Biden bromance novels visits Fountain Bookstore July 18. Read more


The Richmond School Board trades Confederate general's name for that of the nation's first African-American president. Read more


In his first set of public appearances since leaving office, former President Barack Obama urged Virginians to support Democrat Ralph Northam for governor, saying, "Ralph's whole life has been about honest, responsible service to others." Read more


From Richmond magazine's April 2008 issue: Despite the glow of the national spotlight and veep buzz, Gov. Kaine had a hard year at home. Read more


A pro-Second Amendment group calling for more gun restrictions prepares to lobby a statehouse where gun rights prevail. Read more

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A local Episcopal priest joins the White House in welcoming Pope Francis to the United States. Read more


Central Virginia's teachers are among the best in the country, according to the White House. Two educators with ties to Chesterfield County are the recipients of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Read more


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