2017 gubernatorial election

Besides winning statewide offices, the party gains seats in the House of Delegates. Read more

, , Politics

Here's what a few Richmond-area residents had to say at the polls today. Read more

, Politics

How Virginians feel about the president could affect the outcome of the governor's race. Read more


An immigrant's son, Ed Gillespie worked his way from parking lot attendant to White House counsel. Read more


Libertarian Cliff Hyra hopes to attract disaffected Democrats and Republicans. Read more


A late political bloomer, Ralph Northam sought office out of frustration with the state legislature. Read more


Libertarian Cliff Hyra kicked off his 2017 campaign for Virginia governor Thursday morning, describing himself as "the only alternative to the two establishment candidates and establishment parties." Read more


Political observers will be watching closely on June 13, when both of Virginia’s major parties hold primaries to nominate candidates for governor and lieutenant governor. Read more


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