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Rock Star??

I was just at the Vineyard... The majority of the wine sold is to the members of RDV... Give me break... If he did not do the tastings he said he was not going to do, then who would he be selling his wine to? When you are backstopped by an Absurdly wealthy father there is no personal risk... There are several other area local Vineyards that make far superior wines, with out the $50 per person taste fee and gated entrance smoke screen. Let's have a reality check here, you bought land from an Angus Beef Farmer, with the money your dad gave you. There is now a gated entrance where it used to be a simple wooden fence, holding in a bunch of Cows.. I am sorry but this is a very well funded smoke and mirrors operation. Semper Fi!

Dom Pierre Pérignon more than 4 years ago

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