Pizza Tried to Kill Me: A Gluten-Free Guide to Richmond



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Toast's Gluten Free Bread

I'm the one that asked them to start serving G-Free Bread at Lunch. I just to live right across the street from them & I just loved their food :) I'm glad that you like it. I think that still get it from Anna B's Bakery in Ashland.

Karen Miller more than 6 years ago


Citizen doesn't have GF bread but they have lots of other really great GF options like pupusas, tacos, quiches and creative salads

K. Barnes more than 6 years ago

Toast and Estilo!

Estilo is totally gluten free. So for those of us that have to scrutinize each menu, this is a wonderful thing. Toast has many gluten free options and the best gluten free bread I've ever had.

Sara M more than 6 years ago

Yay! And thank you.

I'm very excited for this series! Thank you for doing the research. It's been a few years, but I remember having a delicious GF pizza at Stuzzi (Belmont & Main).

Mary D more than 6 years ago

Garnett's not so gf friendly...

On my last visit to Garnett's I ordered a sandwich on gluten free bread, as always. I had been there several times before and always trusted their kitchen. When the sandwich was delivered I took a bite and realized it was Rye bread, not the gluten free. I immediately spit it out and told me server. She picked up my sandwich, looked at the bread, then set it back down on my plate and said it was gluten free bread. Not only did my stomach and taste buds disagree with her, but she picked up my sandwich with her bare hands and told me I was wrong, as I was sitting in the restaurant getting sick. My brother, in true teenager form ate the sandwich, and agreed it was in fact rye bread. So, if you have a good server, this place is wonderful, otherwise, it can be EXTREMELY dangerous if you actually have an intolerance. There is nothing worse to me as a person who actually gets sick from gluten then to be told something is gluten free when it's not, because my stomach doesn't lie :-/

Mary M more than 6 years ago

response to Mary M

Hi Mary! this is the owner of Garnett's . I would love to talk to you in person about this incident. Please contact me at

Kendra more than 6 years ago


(Don't tell anyone, but if you sneak some gluten free bread into Chiocca's and slip it to the cook, after asking nicely, of course, they can do you an amazing 12-napkin Chiocca's sandwich that you can eat without remorse. Be sure to tip extra!)

Brooke C. more than 6 years ago

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