Saturation Point

Has Richmond’s beer scene grown too fast?



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"Brewery number is built on consumer demand"

The quote by Brown Distributing Co. doesn't really tell us anything. Are these drinkers Craft only drinkers? Have they just had one Craft Beer before? Do they drink Craft beer occasionally? The quote lacks any substantive information that could be correlated back to deduce an "over-saturation" situation.

In Virginia, Craft Beer at of the start of 2016 only had a 10.5% share of the total beer market. Nationally Craft's share at 12.2%. By 2020 Craft Beer is projected to be at a 20% share nationally. Back in 2012, Craft Beer was projected to sell 24.7 million barrels per year by 2020. Craft Beer actually sold 24.1 million YE2015. Beer has been experiencing a tectonic shift in consumer preference and tastes. The wine industry went through a similar change in the late 80's-early 90's.

Sorry to say but you can't look back to the history books to predict the future on this one.

Matthew more than 4 years ago

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