Uncommon Cents at 4702 Forest Hill

Johnny and Katrina Giavos' Little Nickel brings a touch of tiki to the South Side | Photos by Piet E. Jones



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2nd time been in Little Nickel

This afternoon is my second time been here. First time I really love it, but today we sat on the bar, I had notice every move of the bar tender make, you can't really avoid it she's right there on front of you, she's the one who served us. The more I watched her really gross me out!! She made drink and peel orange put on the drink with her dirty hands, wipe her hands on her clothes, handle money and pen then makes drinks again and put garnish on drinks with out washing hands, I really don't want to complain and embarrass my husband, then here come my food and once again she grab some parsley and garnish my food with her dirty hands, I immediately took those off! I just lost my appetite, she did not washed her hand even once and keep wiping her hand on her clothes!! Handling money, register, pen and scratch your face without washing hands that is GROSS!! she needs a food health handling training!!

Faye more than 4 years ago


RIght in our back yard - I’m excited to become a regular! Stella’s is SO amazing, if the quality is anywhere near that, we’re in for a treat. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Will more than 4 years ago

Little Nickel parking

I'm curious about the "ample" parking. It was not ample for the previous smaller restaurant in that space.

Dude more than 4 years ago

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