Saddle Up

Chesterfield County is getting its very own Southern-themed "dance bar" with bottle service, eating contests and cowboy-boot-clad bartenders who dance on top of the bar.



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Live music

Will there be live music? I can't find any information on if there will be live music and my boyfriend is in a country band and wants to play here I saw a post about K95 being there but live bands would be a great idea!

Me again more than 4 years ago



Atlas more than 4 years ago

Super excited!!!!!

All of my friends,family, and co-workers are very very VERY excited that we're finally getting a country bar in south side part of town!! We literally talk about it everyday since we found out that it's coming :)

Lindsey more than 4 years ago

Let me get this right.

Doesn't want to be compared to Coyote Ugly but has the same exact concepts and attempted to name it the same and changed it. Rigghtt....we're confused though. Lol. Then is quoted later in the article saying people have all seen "THAT" movie and loved it....sounds like the writer is being sarcastic and is low key throwing shots at this place. This article is gold.

Confused more than 4 years ago

Eye's Perception

While the comparison was the initial, ideas and dreams evolve and develop over time. While yes, some of the ideas are similar not one of them are identical. The dances are choreographed and it's both men and women dancing. There is a discipline in Daisy's that is not shown in "that" movie. Be there opening night I guarantee you will see a difference between "THAT" bar and the disciplined, authentic southern-style country bar that Daisys is bringing to Richmond

Atlas more than 4 years ago


this place has my name all over it, I'm so there !!!! Love me some cowboys

Lee Ryan more than 4 years ago

Yee haw

Yeah bring it -

Lp more than 4 years ago

ABC regulations

Hm… interesting after working for so many years in the business he doesn't know that you cannot offer bottle service at bars, restaurants or nightclubs in the state of Virginia due to ABC laws.
[3 VAC 5-50-60.C] Mixed beverage licensees shall not serve the entire contents of a bottle in its original container in filling an order. Exceptions include hotels, which may sell bottles to guest rooms, or to a group that is hosting a function in a private room.

ABC more than 4 years ago


I know the owner and he was talking about wine bottles because he has couples booths not liquor bottles

John more than 4 years ago

Bottle service

Just curious so how does the nightclubs in downtown sell bottles to their VIP sections? I know plenty of people that have gotten it

Amber more than 4 years ago


While in the state of VA, the bottle can not be left with the guest for self serve, we can technically reserve a bottle for them and make the drinks from that bottle for the guest through the night.

Atlas more than 4 years ago


Another place for trash to congregate and objectify women. Why is there not a "JOCK STRAP RACK" for the males? They could just sip them off, let their packages fly free, all while patrons try to eat ~ any waiver for pubic hair in the food and drink?

Oh please... more than 4 years ago

Well then let's take it out.

Since you are under the impression this is just a trash bar, why don't you come look at the predictive cost analysis his bar manager has done to ensure quality control behind his bar, or the choreography manager who doesn't spend time with his girlfriend because he made a commitment to pass on something he had a passion for. Or maybe the GM who is a female mind you who sits through interviews every week and has the luxury of having an amazing team behind her. Or ooo here is one how about on a Sunday morning when it's 25 degrees outside the entire team freezing practicing their dances and training to provide the best form of southern hospitality to the chesterfield community plus having a focus of giving back through local charity organizations and special events hosted by them to make everyone feel like family. There is no objectification here, if the girls do not feel comfortable they can wear jeans and the guys are doing dances too, so explain how that is not equal treatment, The objectification comes from you for already trying to bad mouth a man with a dream who has a hard working team behind him trying to bring something to Chesterfield that has not been done before. You don't like the idea, no worries they won't be heartbroken when you aren't there for the Grand opening.

Atlas more than 4 years ago

dance bar

Uh, is it too much to ask that the cowboys wear short-shorts? Or is that a loss of male dignity?

Cooter Lee more than 4 years ago

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