The Future of Horsepower

A club for drivers reignites the thrill of being behind the wheel



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Come back for a revisit

Hey Matt, come back for a revisit and maybe we'll get the opportunity to go out and share a few laps together, either in our cars separately or you can ride with me in that "muscular maroon Corvette Z06" ;-)

Mike Powell 103 days ago

Nice Read

I really enjoyed reading this. I believe Matt has captured the real joy of driving and the total release you feel when only the man and machine truly matter. His reference to horses isn't lost on me either back in the day before cars that's how people traveled. His reference to autonomy is timely, the resources being spent on autonomous driving today are significant. The manufacturer that conquers that elusive mystery wins and they win big so believe me when I say everybody that's any body is working on solving that incredibly complex but solvable equation. Matts, right the advent of reasonable and reliable autonomy spells the end of driving as we know it today. When that equation is solved our drivers licenses will be stripped from our hands- remember that license is a privilege not a right. Many say the existence of autonomous and non-autonomous vehicles on the same road is an oxi-moron they just wont be able to coexist together. I could spend hours on that subject and places like Dominion that provide that driving opportunity. Places where we can enjoy driving will truly be coveted and the benefactors of a very sad day for those that covet the driving privilege we have today. Folks those days are numbered believe it coming faster than you can believe--so enjoy driving before the new technology that is on our door step changes this part of our transportation equation just like the conversion at the advent of the automobile. I hope those that clamor for this technological invention enjoy their ride sharing pods!!!

Steve Britt 103 days ago

Great Job, Matt!

Matt, While my "Great Job" comment is in reference to the article, it also applies to your abilities on the track. Both myself and the instructor we're impressed by your ability to grasp and apply the performance driving techniques and skills that he and I were hoping to share with you. Look forward to seeing you back on the track some day!

Jim Lorimer 103 days ago

The Future of Horsepower

For a person with no more interest in cars beyond getting me to my destination, I was enthralled by your enthusiasm and your writing skill. You made the thrill of fast cars driven well come alive. Thanks for taking us along!

Allison Williams 114 days ago

Thank You!

I’m very glad you enjoyed the article! Thanks for the kind words. Cheers!

Matt Crane 114 days ago

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