Ballet for Everybody

Richmond’s ‘Nutcracker’ production models a movement toward inclusivity | Photos by Sarah Ferguson courtesy Richmond Ballet



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Excellent and informative article!! My daughter wrote about the same issue for her college application essay a few months ago!! We were SO glad to finally see a black Clara on Friday night!! My daughter is one two brown girls in her competitive company in Chesterfield. Being a lone chocolate chip in a sugar cookie is very awkward at times. Fortunately her passion for the art overrides the emotional toil and she moves forward with resolve to be an example for other little girls. She had the opportunity to take a summer class w Maggie Smalls and was totally re energized. It definitely helps to see yourself in your teacher’s or a performers’s face! I also think money keeps the field as it is because the classes are expensive!! Nevertheless, articles like this bring awareness to this important issue. Thanks!

Patricia Whitaker more than 1 year ago

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