Rolling in Dough

Richmond-based Nolde Bros. Bakery grew from a small family operation to one of the nation’s largest independent bakeries



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Nolde's Bread

Thanks for your article about Nolde Bread. John Henry Nolde was my first cousin, 3x removed. When he came to America, my 2x-great grandfather, Henry William Moesta, taught him everything about Moesta's Bakery. I am fortunate to own several pictures of the most elaborately decorated cakes from the bakery. One year they made the "mammoth fruitcake." It measured 10 feet in circumference and 5 feet high! It was displayed in the store window. Nolde's was a multi-state business along the east coast and their exterior art-deco building in Norfolk still displays the name. Being German immigrants, they attended church at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, where services were in German. It eventually moved to current location of Ryland & Grace St. In my home (thankfully they survive), I have several wooden crates used for bread delivery along with the even larger cake box. My father frequently speaks of how the smell of bread wafted throughout downtown Richmond from the bread companies in the area. Wish that was still the case.

Tammie Jennings 95 days ago

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