Regrets, I Have a Few

A Richmond police staffer feels the sting of the questionable Facebook post



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Messenger? Really

A messenger is someone who simply passes along information. I don't believe that the FB post came from city hall. As for Classy- wow you must know a different person. The one that works at RPD is anything but. Simply put, she is racially biased, unprofessional, manipulating and cruel.

Hardworker more than 5 years ago

Classy Lady

I've had the pleasure of working with her for years. She has been professional and extremely knowledgeable about her roles and responsibilities in the city. I have seen her fight for what is right for employees in her current and previous position in the city. The city's budget is beyond HER pay grade and purview. Based on her post and all of the flack she's getting, it seems like the messenger is,was and will forever be shot. She also didn't reference any particular group of people so why would she apologize? The only people who are ever mad about the truth are those who are living the lie.

Mr.B more than 5 years ago


Of course she wouldn't apologize. That would take intelligence, humility and class. Traits that aren't her strong suit.

Sisyphus more than 5 years ago

Get over it.

This is funny. My mom would never apologize that way. Feelings hurt? Get over it. This is old news.

Dominique Archer more than 5 years ago

Thats because your mom is the modern day Cruella Di Vil

Humility? She could not spell it let alone do it. She is an overpaid, pathetic excuse for an HR person. Greed and hunger for power oozes from her pores....we can't all be a pet of city hall.

Hardworker more than 5 years ago

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