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Public meetings in Hanover County offer residents a chance to weigh in on high-speed rail plans



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Viable Eastern Bypass already exists, would serve only Main St. Station

Why is no one talking about the Eastern Bypass option that already exists and is in freight use from Doswell to Main Street Station? It bypasses not only Ashland but also Acca Yard and Richmond Terminal. It would not serve Staples Mill Amtrak station but would prioritize Main Street Station. It would require improving trackage south of Main St. Station to Chester. Let's get the focus off Ashland and onto South Richmond.

John Love more than 4 years ago

Destination is Atlanta

The Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor is currently being developed from Washington D.C. to Charlotte, NC with extension to Atlanta in the future. Florida extensions are proposed but would be future. This is a more accurate picture of the project.

John Love more than 4 years ago

Eastern bypass not even mention?

You totally left out the eastern bypass option that's now back on the table! That impacts a lot more people that should have known so their voice can be heard.

Eric Gunn more than 4 years ago


Thank you for calling that to our attention. We have updated the story to include that option. more than 4 years ago

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