Something Someday Could Happen On Monument Avenue, Maybe

Virginia law and Richmond's charter present obstacles to commission's recommendations



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Then it would be just another street in another decaying city

Then Monument Avenue would become just another street in another medium sized city experiencing urban blight, rather than the international landmark and centerpiece of Virginia's tourist trade.

James Jones more than 3 years ago

Haven't we got more important issues?

I was born here in 1957 and my first home was on Monument Avenue. I have lived in Richmond all my life. However I could not tell you, other than Arthur Ashe, who is who or where they or if my life depended on it. I would also be willing to bet the majority of people making a big deal over these statues and names of schools etc. also have no idea who many these people are or what they did. I do think the Civil War was a horrible, sad event as is all war. But maybe these monuments should serve as a reminder of what can happen even here in the United States if we do not strive and learn to resolve our differences in a CIVIL manner as opposed with guns and violence as happened so recently in Charlottesville. These statues are not responsible for the war or the way people choose to behave. They are not glorifying anything. They are just there on Monument Avenue. The real question is why were so many monuments and places erected and named after a war that was lost? It seems an odd thing to commemorate - being the losers.

Paula more than 3 years ago

The reason for war memorials

Those monuments are in place to pay tribute to people who served their state in war. They exist for the same reason Vietnam war memorials do. There are not trophies, they are memorials to honor soldiers who in some cases lost their lives in battle. There is nothing "odd" about them.

Reginald Brinkmann more than 3 years ago

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