Rail Plan Endorses Local Stations

High-speed trains would connect with the Main Street and Staples Mill Road stations, but uncertainty remains for Ashland



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Just Slow The Roll thru Ashland!

C'mon folks, what we need is RELIABLE rail, not "high speed" rail. Just slow down for Ashland already! Its just a three mile stretch. I've been on an Amtrac going over 100 mph ,it can accelarate as well as any sports car, I can tell ya. So just slow the roll through ashland and proceed on as before elsewhere. Really no big deal, y'all. The real problem is getting by ACCA yard and having a dedicated rail or rail spurs to bypass the frieght. Just get us to the VRA in Fredericksburg and VRA can take it from there.
OR conversely, what's the problem with extending VRA to Staples Mill?

Christopher Maxwell more than 5 years ago


Any rail expert will tell you that real high speed passenger rail cannot share track with freight rail. The DC2RVA is a study to improve regular passenger and freight so that neither has to be bogged down by the other. It is a system of rail spurs to allow faster trains to pass slower ones. WHAT IT IS NOT IS HIGH SPEED PASSENGER RAIL. That will only happen when the FRA and AMTRAK and the freight companies realize that they are using mid-20th century technology for a 21st century problem. In fact, Ashland's right of way was created for an mid-nineteenth century rail system. It is one of the only parts of that historic right of way that has not been changed or widened since 1836. Think about it! The town built up around that tiny right of way--historic homes and businesses, a community, and a town. To undo that would undo the whole social and economic balance and destroy the only incorporated small town in the tri-cities area--and the life savings of all the homeowners in the town, the business district, the heart of the town. Instead, new technologies need to be used--Musk's deep bore tunnels, using the I-95 corridor (underground tunnels or Hyperloop over the highway), and many other options that were never studied. It simply will not work to just add a 3rd standard rail. We need truly creative, innovative solutions, not a short-term patch.

Rosanne Groat Shalf more than 2 years ago

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