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Richmond needs to move fast on public transportation — or be left behind



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Self Driving Cars

Author fails to mention anything about the inevitable impact that self driving cars will have on transportation systems. Also, if all of our transportation woes can be increased with an 7/10 cent sales tax increase, can't we also find something in the budget to cut? I'm skeptical if these numbers are realistic.

Jack Butler more than 4 years ago

Hmm ...

Regarding self-driving cars: While I too look forward to having a self-driving car, relying on them for the services provided by both public transit and private vehicles would be a disaster. This would clog the road with *more* autos than we currently have. So transit is necessary.

As for which *kind* of transit is necessary, that's another question entirely. I find it incredibly irresponsible of this reporter to write a whole article about BRT without once mentioning the words "BRT Creep." It's the nearly inevitable outcome of poor BRT planning, and it's currently causing real damage to dozens of American cities. Look it up -- it's a thing.

Fard Vecky more than 4 years ago

The Story Of How City Council Saved Richmond Mass Transit (And Rediscovered Leadership)

Scott more than 4 years ago

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