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Katx Show

Started out as a fantastic talk show, always either making strong statements and receiving calls ananother talk show for the time period, but really misssd talking to listeners, BUT now the 3 to 6 time slot is almost solid commercials or leads into commercials, has actually spent 27 stright minutes in commercials . I have moved on to other shows on otherchannels, but really miss the fun that was the 3 to 6 time frame on WRVA.

William M Durham more than 2 years ago

Great Talk show host

Whenever I am in Central Va I always tune in to the Jeff Katz show. Jeff is smart, well informed and has a great sense of humor! WRVA you have a gem! Jeff keep up the great work!

William Moughon more than 3 years ago

Dominion Energy

Heard your righteous indignation about Dominion Energy not making massive customer refunds as other power companies are doing "in response to the tax cut". Could it be that Dominion has been pricing their product at a fair price all along and no refund is required or justified?

RIck Allen more than 3 years ago

Katz is top notch

Jeff Katz is informed, glib, creative, and entertaining. Richmond is very fortunate to have this very talented gentlemen in drive time every afternoon. Jeff, I hope you are around for a long time.

JB Benson more than 5 years ago

Not the brightest bulb

Katz is typical of the goof-heads that populate the 3:00 o clock hour. Glen Beck, Rush make a lot of sense. Katz just does not listen to differing opinions. And no he is not a great salesman. Will be glad to see him go.

Jonathan more than 5 years ago

Lady kills burglar

Jeff, I might have missed this , but in VA you are allowed to shoot in self defense, not to protect property,
Hope the young man was carrying a knife or some form of a deadly weapon, or the homeowner might be in trouble. Wasn't in the car long enough to hear everything. Enjoy your show!

Ashton Violete more than 5 years ago

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