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Richmond is betting big on Broad Street bus rapid transit, but will more riders embrace the $50 million project?



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What about the corporate sector?

What is always omitted from these stories about the Richmond region's mass transit dilemma is the possible role of the corporate sector. Companies such as Capital One, Carmax, and Amazon, for instance, employ thousands locally and are often touted as being progressive and forward thinking, yet they are all located far away from mass transit routes. Do they have input or contributions to provide the situation?

Tim more than 6 years ago

GRTC "authority"

GRTC is not a transit authority. If they were then some of the issues noted (funding, routing, locality subsidies) wouldn't be the issue they are. An "authority" is a separate political subdivision with specific powers (e.g. the RMA).

JCH more than 6 years ago

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