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Chesterfield’s new prosecutor has moved to change the way the county handles nonviolent, first-time offenses



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Change is uncomfortable for most people. After 30 years of the status quo in Chesterfield, I am proud that the Commonwealth's Attorney office is demonstrating the value of safety, equality & transparency. Mr. Miles has proven in a mere 6 months that he leads by example. He and his team in the CA Office have made great strides in criminal justice reform where people with substance abuse disorders are helped; they value equality where there is no racial/financial disparity by reforming cash bail; they have implemented smart justice where resources are not wasted on offenses that are not a threat to public safety. I look forward to seeing the positive changes Mr. Miles and his team can do in 4 years!

A. Mitchell 3 days ago

Miles policies do not reflect the "change" Chesterfield County wants or needs

Mr. Miles has decided to demolish the concept of separation of powers in Chesterfield County, backed by deep-funded pockets from questionable national sources. I'm not sure how we, as a country, started down this dangerous path where those elected to executive branch offices now legislate from their office, but it is troubling trend.

Please do Chesterfield County a favor in November, kind electorate, and remove Mr. Miles from office. He doesn't deserve to be there. This shortcut nonsense to effecting change is disturbing, and he narrowly beat Childrey last November, which means his half-baked agenda far from represents a consensus.

While Stacey Davenport is an excellent alternative and clearly more qualified to do the job, the truth is that even a starry-eyed fresh law school graduate neophyte would likely prove be as (in)competent as Miles. You don't build an office on unproven ideology and whims of the latest "feel good" underdogism; you build it representing the best interests of *all* the citizens residing your district. In that regard, Miles has already failed.

Show up and vote, people. Do not re-elect this guy.

A.B. Seay 12 days ago

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