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John Watkins and the demise of the Virginia moderate



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Such a nice comment from B.A. Feel the love!

Laura Watkins more than 6 years ago

Glad to see him go...

Watkins saw the writing on the wall. The conservatives were about to primary him and send him on his way to retirement. He's only a maverick in the sense that he did get to thumb his nose at them on the way out. Powhatan and Chesterfield Republicans are not centrists. Watkins was able to keep his seat through his incumbent advantage and significant campaign funding. The McGuireWoods types in Richmond may have liked him, and historically he could pull off the easy win in these off-year elections. But to hold him up as some wise old sage within the party is inaccurate. Besides, in recent elections, the Democrats were able to grab 45% with a radical amateur campaign. This (and next time, if necessary) they will execute professionally and with cash. It's only going to get harder to be a moderate.

B.A. more than 6 years ago

Re: Glad to see him go...

Hello B.A., thank you very much for your comment. Will you email me at I'd like to add your comment to our "Letters to the Editor" section, with your permission. Thank you!

Samantha, Richmond magazine Online Editor more than 6 years ago

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