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With the James River as a backyard, Stratford Hills residents enjoy an abundance of recreational amenities | Photos by Jay Paul



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Stratford Hills struggles and shining stars.

My family and I live in the Stratford Hills area as well. The downfall to our area that sticks out in my mind is the school system and tax burden at this point. We continue to have increases (and additional attempts at increases) in taxes of all kinds year after year, with claims that it is for the schools, but we have not seen a substantial positive change. Richmond Gov't needs to take a hard look at how they are spending and allocating the previous funds before trying to increase the burden on the taxpayer again. Don't get me wrong, I'm am for bettering the school system, but siphoning our money under the veil of helping our future generation, and not doing so is borderline criminal The school systems are a major drawback on our community.

That being said, I do greatly appreciate the James River Parks system and many of the residents seem to take pride and responsibility in maintaining the cleanliness of the area. Many times I've seen people out there for a walk or run, while carrying trash bags to stop and clean up other people's garbage. It's something that shouldn't have to be done, but it's nice to know that the community members are stepping up to the plate to make sure the beauty is preserved.

Additions to the local dining like Eat 66 and Don't Look Back II have been welcome with open arms to the area.

I've still not formed an opinion on the construction at this time. It has definitely caused a bit of traffic for the short term, but I believe it will be a net positive for the area and pedestrian traffic.

Much like most communities, we have some things that could use some work, but the blend of city living and access to nature has been great for our lifestyle.

Paul Stoneman more than 2 years ago

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