[WATCH] Jackson Ward: Past Made Present

This year, we've shared several aspects of Jackson Ward's rich history; in this video, some of the neighborhood's leaders show how they're bridging its past with its present — and future

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Hi! For the vid series, may I recommend including a general map as part of the intros? If you're a student of Richmond, you prob don't need it, but if you're just a fan, it's helps to orient the viewer. Thanks for the op to give feedback, and thanks for the vid.

christopher harrison more than 3 years ago

Thanks for the input!

Thanks Christopher, that's a great point! We take our Richmond geography for granted sometimes and forget that not everyone is as familiar with it as we are. We will definitely consider a map in our next neighborhood video. Thanks!

sarahl (richmondmagazine.com) more than 3 years ago

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