Coming Home

The Cauldron of Jackson Ward Series (Part 3 of 3): Three Jackson Ward legends laid foundations that still inspire and influence the community today. An old house helps tell Jackson Ward’s new story.



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Jackson Ward

While attending college in Richmond back in the mid 80's, I lived in Jackson Ward. I loved the area and rented a room in the home directly across from Maggie Walker House. The Eggleston Hotel sat on the corner and much of the area was plagued by drugs and prostitution sadly to say. But I loved the rich African American History and so wanted to move their with my family. Sadly developers are buying up the heritage and making it more millennium minded. I hope more African Americans will start reclaiming many of the rich African American neighborhoods and bring life back into the areas. Some prices are out of reach for many, but keeping our homes and land in the family has come to a most crucial point..Let us start seeing the value in our land, they are not making more land. Keep our heritage strong and going.

Toni H Steward more than 2 years ago

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