PANDAS is a Bear

Parents unite in a Richmond-based nonprofit to shine a light on a little-understood condition that can lead to sudden-onset neuropsychiatric symptoms in children



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Thank you

My daughter has PANDAS, the changes in her are quick.when she wakes up we don’t know what we are going to get. She just turned 12 the other day. I’m glad to have found this site where other parents know what we are going through. She has started a new medication, fingers crossed and has an appt coming up with a neurologist.

Deborah more than 1 year ago


our 12 year old was diagnosed with PANS in November last year. This is after 2 sudden onsets and previous to that years of symptoms. He went from a healthy happy adventurous boy to a tormented and obsessed being who couldn't dress, sit or get to the toilet in time. Then we were referred to a salient mind:- a neurologist who listened to our son and took time to seee what was afflicting him. After the first course of IVIG his tourettes disappeared. 2 courses later and he's back at school full time, functioning as s 12 year old should and getting on with his life... after YEARS of affliction. Thank you to those courageous medical practitioners and researchers who keep looking for answers to help our children. Thank you for becer giving up, just as we will never give up on our son and know that the sky is the limit!!!

Trudy Crerar more than 2 years ago

Thank you!

My daughter has PANDAS and it is refreshing to see that there are Drs. Willing to learn how to treat this devastating childhood illness. It has been a nightmare trying to get our daughter the help she needs. I had the privilege of viewing the film, "My Kid is not Crazy." It is very well done and includes the child and parent's perspectives. Let's keep building awareness and education of PANDAS. More Drs and facilities are desperately needed around the country. Blessings to all who help our kids get their lives back!

Barbara Atkinson more than 2 years ago

Thank you!

Thank you so much for bringing awareness and for helping so many that are dealing with this! My son also suffers from PANS related to Lyme disease and now also PANDAS as we've added strep to the mix. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Tracy more than 2 years ago

Amazing news!

My heart is overflowing with happiness to hear such amazing news. I pray these docs will be guided through treatment for these precious children and praise will be given to them for their efforts! All it takes is some strong willed loving docs to step outside of the box and do what their heart is guiding them to do- hopefully their actions will have a ripple effect and others will start treating our kiddos.

Nichol Colwell more than 2 years ago

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