Best & Worst 2019: Food & Drink



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The 90s Called....

This is obviously popular vote. Bottoms Up Pizza? Joe's Inn? The 90's called and wants to know why Richmond Best/Worst 2019 seems to have slipped back to that era when Pizza Hut was voted best pizza in RVA ha ha ha

Sean 310 days ago

How are these chosen?

How is this decided? For one, not sure how Boka Taco truck is even even number 1 for best truck; shouldn’t even be in the top. Super unsanitary just to start the list. Can Can brassiere for best in Carytown? Either this list is dated or someone dropped the ball in a few places...

Krystal 311 days ago


Ya'll left out bocata!!! Their arepas are INSANE! And not just regular insane, like cobra cabana burger level insane.

Kristen 312 days ago

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