The Boss Is Back In Town

Look back with us: it's March 2003 in Richmond, and Bruce Springsteen is about to play the Coliseum



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Memories of Child, Steel Mill and Bruce

I was the promotion manager of the Free University so I knew the guys in the band... I remember the 1st time they played upstairs in the Center for the Performing Arts as Child and was blown away... I also remember that we did an open mic/ coffee house kind of thing on Sunday nights and Bruce showed up and played a very tasteful acoustic set... That performance somehow never gets reported because there were just a handful of people there... I also remember taking Bruce to "The Village" where Steve and Nick (owner & manager) had a "pineapple cheeseburger" on the menu and Bruce actually ordered it... Like people have mentioned, Bruce was shy back then and just a regular guy until he went up on stage... I recall talking about the Jersey shore with him over his "pineapple cheeseburger"... Just two regular guys talking about our similar experiences on Long Beach Island... BTW, I had either forgotten or never knew about Vinni getting arrested in the VCU gym... I remember the cops cutting the power and him continuing to drum but, wow... I also knew Robbin pretty well with Mercy Flight... Sorry to learn that he passed on a few years ago... He was one hell of a singer and Mercy Flight was one hell of a good blues/rock band... A shout out to Russ Clem if he ever reads this... Russ Clem is another story altogether... Nuff said...

Bob Harrison more than 2 years ago

Steel Mill

The first day I lived in Richmond to attend VCU, I saw a poster for a band called Child. I went to see them that first night. The next time they played they were called Steel Mill. I was at most of the Steel Mill/ Mercy Flight shows. Robbin - unbeknownst to many - is one heck of a blues shouter.

Ted Salins more than 6 years ago

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