Remove the Statues?

Richmond goes through its periodic spasms to do 'something' about Monument Avenue.



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I'm wondering if Harry would write this article differently today. His "all lives matter" line rings so cruel and ignorant. And the "might as well dance" bit just sounds so...white. Of course he's going to dance. It's easy to dance when such things don't affect your life at all.

Big Guy more than 5 years ago

Update the monuments

Arthur Brill more than 6 years ago

Symbol Clash Heard Abroad

I used to live on Monument, right next to ‘The Lee’. I'm actually familiar with Harry's earlier dramatic writings about about Monument Ave, and the many statues that perforate the sky above it. I moved away from Richmond in the 1990’s. Now I live in London, England, which is another city of noted monuments.
This is news in the UK and I imagine other countries around the world.
And the rest of the world sees street art, including graff scrawl, as capable of being both legit expression AND vandalism. 'Black Lives Matter' is both.
I believe that is why this graff is divisive. Of course, so are the statues. But that makes the gaff just a little too edgy.
Do 'the people' abroad support it or condemn the gaff generally?
It depends how big you draw the circle. Worldwide, the media and the masses seem to agree with the spray can more than they are upset by the disrespect. But that does not help anyone in Richmond VA deal with it. The monuments and the message both need to be respected.
Personally, I think allowing some dignity even to those you do not respect might help them be more dignified and respectful in the future.
Perhaps that's too fine a distinction for those with something on the line.
Stick together Richmond. I'm rooting for you.
Harry, it's great to see you writing about the statues again.

Tim Klotz more than 6 years ago

People Have the Power

I think it is worth mentioning that several of these monuments were paid for organizations that were established to erect monuments and contributed to by the public. I would appreciate further clarification on funding for the monuments, if you know. Wasn't one of them paid for with money raised by British people?

Maybe if people in Richmond start fundraising for more sculptures we can have them placed on Monument Avenue too?

Here's a blog entry I wrote which included a short bit the siting of the Lee Monument,

Silver Persinger more than 6 years ago

History is All of Ours

Well written, and one of the few sensible articles on the mater. Monument ave. is a beauty.

RVAGene more than 6 years ago

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