The Royal Sound Crew was among the first to present hip-hop to live audiences in Richmond. (Photo courtesy Brad Johnston)

Going Way Back

Richmond rap pioneers cleared the way for hip-hop’s takeover



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I very much enjoyed your article. My first job out of high school was the receptionist at WKIE 1540 - and your article was so full of names that brought back a flood of memories! I don't think a understood how big a deal all of it was at the time, or I would have taken pictures (although I think it's a good possibility I took the picture with the Z Rock crew & Run DMC along with Mikki (I just loved Mikki) Our boss, Larry, sang the commercial for McGuire Rent-a-car that was on the radio stations for years. I wasn't there very long but have to say it was my favorite job I ever had that came with some interesting stories to tell. Not sure where everyone is now, but hope they're doing well. Thanks again for the article & taking me back to 18 again

KAMMIE 245 days ago

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