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Not as great as it was

I have never written a review for anything before just can't allow this to go unsaid.
First, the team outing started on a decent note but turned horribly wrong.

Please see below for the situations:

- There was an issue with the time in which was handled unprofessionally. To their credit it wasn't all their fault as the initial time that was agreed upon wasn't correct on the invoice. However my feedback would be instead of calling 20-30 mins after the invoiced arrival time, call 5/10 mins after the arrival time. The young lady was obnoxiously rude, even after I apologized for the misunderstanding. If it was much of an issue they should have canceled/rescheduled instead of ruining the whole event for us.

- Once my team arrived, we were rushed to our rooms (again we were late, they were on a schedule, I get it) but they were super rude with my team when explaining the rules and even worse as the events progressed.

- In one of the rooms it completely supported satanism cults. It made you use a ouija board to get your clues, you had to read a REAL satanic bible to get a clues, most of the clues(if they worked) allowed you to progress only after using the word satan or tarot cards and lastly a large goat inside a pentagram ( copyright logo for the church of satan!!! ) set the stage for the whole team just being really uncomfortable. The room went way to far. I will note my company claims NO religious affiliation and have no religious biases.

- In both rooms the teams went in the clues/keys didn't work, their own rude staff couldn't even get it to work!

- Then as my team's last ditch effort to enjoy their time, ask the employee who gives us the 5 min warning)if she would just give us a clue, she appeared agitated and took a rude tone stating she was too busy. She may have been busy or flustered and couldn't help but she reaction and composure was not good.

Secondly, The first time we went was great and we praised their establishment for team building activities but we will NEVER do that again. They just lost our business.

Lastly, A little feedback-- stick with the cool taboo feel but ditch pushing cult/satanic themes-- it was awful, either train/fire the staff. If not, once the hype of this new thing is over all you've got is a horrible placed building with rude staff and no loyal clients.

Such a shame and so disappointed.... I don't care how many bookings they have currently or that they have other positive reviews.... I just truly hope they make some changes or they will close quicker then they opened.

Katie more than 6 years ago

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