I Bought a House at 24

Resources abound for first-time home buyers



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VHDA First Time Home Owners

Nothing makes me happier as a Realtor than assisting first time home buyers secure their financing with VHDA including the Grant. I wanted to truly understand the process, so I took their class to be a VHDA Home Buying Course Trainer. I highly recommend anyone interested in purchasing a home, go to VHDA's website and take the home buying course.I have seen a single Mom literally get her Earnest Money refunded to her at closing, because we were able to secure seller-paid closing costs, and she was able to get 100% financing with the help of the VHDA Grant. At this time, though, VHDA's grant covers 2% of the 3% down payment, so you will need a bit of money saved to close plus a cushion for inspections, any closing costs not covered, and of course, moving!

Linda Forem more than 4 years ago

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