Best New Restaurants

Here are the year’s 20* best new restaurants, all opened between March 7, 2015, and April 15, 2016, picking up right where we left off in 2015. From the fancy to the casual-but-still-fanciful, there’s something for everyone.

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JKogi is a million times better than Zzaam

If you want delicious street style korean food then try Jkogi! If you wan to pay $4.50 for frozen pork buns you can buy for $.50 a pop at New Grand Mart go right ahead and order from Zzaam, if not, Jkogi's stuff is homemade and everything you wish Zzaam was!

Jennifer 90 days ago


Hi, Jennifer! We love JKOGI, too! They made this list last year.

Stephanie Breijo 87 days ago

Rooftop Bars

How many rooftop bars does Richmond have? And why is Quirk so non-quirky? That place is prep central - expensive and boring. The people - just so very boring.

Li 91 days ago